Links and Resources

The links and stories below have been gathered by our delegates and planning circle. If you have a resource to share, please send it to us.

Children of Incarcerated Parents: The child's constitutional right to the family relationship by Chesa Boudin.  The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 2011

Children of Incarcerated Parents I A bill of rights  by the San Francisco Partnership for Incarcerated Parents

Children in Prisons by Cassandra Clifford, Foreign Policy Association  

Prison Visitation Policies: A Fifty State Survey by Chesa Boudin et al, Yale University Law School 2012

10 things to know about women in prison I WHO Europe

Handbook for prison managers and policymakers on Women and Imprisonment I UNODC

United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the Bangkok Rules)

Women’s Health in Prison. Correcting gender inequity in prison health. World Health Organization

Women’s health in prison: Action guidance and checklists to review current policies and practices I WHO Europe

Women in Prison and Children of Imprisoned Mothers publication series I QUNO

Project Prevention: Mothers and Children Speak Out

A Father Daughter Dance in Prison. Angela Patton is the creator of Camp Diva, which helps support "at-promise" girls ages 11-17.

News and Editorials
Study finds widespread 'criminalisation of pregnancy' in US institutions

Study cites misinterpretation of Roe v Wade in array of cases where women were denied rights based on pregnancy status

Criminal injustice: Idle No More, the prison system and Indigenous people in Canada